Manage Restaurant Orders via Restaurant Software
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Leveraging third-party online food delivery services to place online orders for food is a growing trend. A 63 percent of young adults employ third-party delivery apps, according to a Forbes research. The moment has come for you to realize that you must create or buy your own restaurant software and advertise your restaurant’s own delivery channel if you are still dependent on outside delivery apps. First, let us try to comprehend why a third-party delivery service poses such a serious threat to your restaurant’s industry.

A Third-Party Meal Delivery App’s Significant Downsides

1.     Exorbitant Commission Fee

According to a study by CNBC, delivery services often charge restaurants service fees ranging from 15 to 30 percent on each order they complete. As a result, your profit margin is being severely impacted by third-party delivery apps. You just cannot thrive over the long term with such high commissions.

2.     Negatively Impacts the Food’s Quality

Various restaurants form partnerships with third-party food delivery services. In order to boost company income, their delivery personnel will work to pick up as many orders as they can. The delivery of the orders placed by the patrons of your business will be delayed throughout this process. The food will also become cold or soggy because of the delay.

3.     Money Spent On Promotions

Visibility is the primary selling point of third-party delivery services for restaurants. They are aware that the visibility of restaurants on these applications directly affects their sales. As a result, the cost of being promoted on such applications is rising. However, this alone cannot secure a sale, and thus, neither are the sales of your restaurant.

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This expensive campaign might also be a significant gamble for some restaurants with unpleasant experiences in the past because of numerous other elements. Such as reviews, ratings, and pricing points, determine a successful sale by your restaurant.

Manage Restaurant Orders via Restaurant Software


The first step in starting your restaurant’s in-house delivery service is to create your own website and mobile application. You can find the ideal solution on HiMenus, the top restaurant management platform in Dubai. Create your own website and mobile applications for your restaurant using the Online Order feature of the HiMenus restaurant management system. It facilitates bookings, enables customers to place orders for food directly from your website, and broadens your internet audience.

Methods for Promoting The Delivery Service At Your Business

1.    Promote Your Meal Delivery Service

Owning your own website is insufficient. There are various ways to advertise your delivery service to the public. Start by adding a banner on the webpage for your restaurant. Post information about the delivery service on the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram sites of your restaurant. Another excellent idea to consider is running a radio, TV, or print ad. Create promotions and discounts that will entice customers to buy from your website. According to National Restaurant Association data, 87% of customers would visit a restaurant or place an order if given a discount.

2.    Make Your Menu Items Prominent

Marketing your cuisine aggressively is the best approach to advertise your restaurant’s delivery service. Let us say you have added a number of fresh meals to your menu. On your restaurant management software‘s site and mobile app, emphasize the information about the most recent offerings. Your audience will be more inclined to sample the new foods if you give them a short description of the delectable dishes.

3.    The Key Is Engagement

Utilize SMS, email, and push alerts to keep your customers interested in your marketing activities. It helps your clients remember your internet delivery service. Analyze the success of the marketing campaigns using real-time analytics. Adjust the campaigns, launch them again, and assess the results if it is not working.

4.    Increase Traffic with Content That Is SEO-Friendly

Include search engine-friendly information on your website. Your website has a better chance of ranking at the top of Google results if it has material that is search engine optimization (SEO) friendly. A user who is directed to your site will inevitably learn about the delivery service offered by your restaurant.

5.    The Difference Is Drawn By Special Offers

You may gather useful data, such as customer names, contact information, and dates of birth, with the aid of best restaurant management system. Send consumers customized incentives on noteworthy events like birthdays and wedding anniversaries. An illustration would be a special birthday discount of 15% for purchases made through the business website.

6.    Collect Consumer Feedback

Ask customers for their opinions on the delivery options at your restaurant. Ask customers to review your delivery service based on a variety of factors, including timeliness, the delivery staff’s conduct, etc. On your site & social media pages, highlight these testimonials. Any potential client would be curious to test out a delivery service that has received positive ratings.

Final Words

Diners are much more hygienic and conscientious now than they were before the outbreak. They no longer desire to go outside and instead choose to order food online. Building your restaurant’s own delivery service is essential in this situation. You can buy HiMenus restaurant management software for this purpose. The methods covered above will be of great assistance to you in getting more business and building your reputation.

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